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Company history

Our company was founded in 1999.

The main activity is the production of furniture and interiors from wood according to individual projects. Thanks to the use of modern materials and innovative technologies, combined with stylish design and functionality, we provide the market with a wide range of products for a comprehensive solution in the design of interiors of country houses and apartments, offices and hotels, restaurants and clubs.

Furniture production is carried out by highly qualified staff on modern high-tech equipment. Development of design documentation is carried out by experienced professionals who are able to take into account the smallest nuances. This approach allows us to guarantee high quality and satisfy any requests of our customers.

In 2014, we began to develop a new direction - the production of serial furniture. The main goal that we set for ourselves is to develop such furniture that will be in the price segment accessible to a wide range of consumers, and at the same time it will be of unsurpassed quality. And this goal has been achieved.

Thanks to our fundamental principle of producing only high quality products, we have achieved international recognition and successfully compete with leading Italian factories.

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