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Finishing and dyeing

Finishing in the common terminology usually means the type of coverage that gives the furniture color. But in technical terms this implies last processing step, which gives the furniture a finished look. We use both "open pore" finishing that lets you see and feel the true nature of wood (core, color, units and, of course, the pores) and "closed pore" (often used in painting products, root coated, exotic breeds veneer and glossy finish). Open porous finishing allows you to enjoy an especially clean wood: its soft texture, pattern unpredictability.

As for the luster, finish can be matt, semi-gloss and gloss. Due to our versatility, due to the fact that we support the whole process, we can finish the product according to the customer’s wish. For example, our products are usually presented with a matte finish, but if the customer prefers gloss or semi-gloss coating, we are pleased to meet all the needs, pre-sending samples for approval. All agreed samples stored in our database in the form of a patterns with the recipe of pigments.

Gilding and patina - these ways of finishing are used to make furniture have especially refined and exclusive appearance. Patina gives an effect of contrast of individual elements that make the product more expressive. Patina is usually used in conjunction with toning products and allows us to emphasize the natural beauty of wood.

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