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Carving – is the most valuable decorative element of furniture in which the abilities and skills of specialist reveal most fully. To begin a block of solid wood is selected: soft enough, without strong veining, without knots and with a smooth surface, which makes it possible to work without cracks and which can be combined with the second part, in accordance with the required size. After the first stage of processing by machine, a piece must be completed by hand and it is here that the carver has to show all his skills to put his soul into this process.

Incrustation or Intarsia

Incrustation is the type of decorative art, in which tiny pieces of wood and other materials of different colors are grouped into a single pattern. In Italy, this trend has become popular since XIV century. The composition is created by hand, using traditional methods, which belongs to the early emergence of this art. Wooden parts of different shapes, colors and varieties are combined by skillful hands of our highly skilled specialists to create the desired motif. The first step is the manual cutting of parts from the root of several layers of wood veneer or other, in accordance with a predetermined pattern. Using the method of "shadowing" some elements may be subjected to calcination and darkening by immersion in hot sand for getting specific colors. Then, the final composition of incrustation is assembled by hand directly on the panel.

The most valuable and used part of the wood is a root, the area between the roots and the trunk, where it represents a heterogeneous structure, creating an unusual decorative effect. Various imperfections caused by the growth of plants, sites game and overlapping roots give rise to natural patterns and ornaments that attract cabinetmakers to use these parts of the tree for decoration of high quality furniture. Thus incrusted panel is applied to one of the furniture parts by cladding. The specialist then starts grinding strictly by hand to remove the remaining paper from the panel.

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