Comfort in your own home is of great importance. In order to feel comfortable and enjoy relaxing after a hard day, you need to love your castle.

Despite the great variety of the latest technologies that appear every day, the production of Luxury furniture for several centuries remains unchanged. First of all, this refers to the main material used for the manufacture of furniture: it was to this day natural wood of rare and valuable species. Only a master of the highest class can reveal and express the whole attractiveness of the wood structure, thanks to which any piece of furniture becomes original and unique.

Our factory produces furniture and all the associated interior elements of the Luxury class for individual projects for both private apartments and houses, and for company offices. We have been in the exclusive furniture market for over twenty years.

Our own design bureau, our own production facilities, equipped with the latest computerized equipment, as well as highly qualified staff, allow us to fulfill the most complex and voluminous orders in a short time.

Our factory is a full-cycle enterprise, that is, we ourselves design, manufacture, deliver and assemble furniture and interior items.

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